TableViewRow left offset no support in Titanium

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While creating the layout for our Mobile App project, there was one Window where the TableViewRows should have a border at the bottom. I thought the separatorColor property would solve it but this was the result in iOS7 simulator: TableViewRowBug
As you can see, there’s a gap on the left side of the Window and the fix for this “bug” on Titanium will be released on December 9 2013, well our project cannot wait for a long time. I saw some hacks from other websites like adding a View inside the TableViewRow, etc.., but none of them really work for me. So I tried to hack it on my own and I managed to solve our problem by inserting a TableViewRow with a different property.

Now this is the result we had:


The height of the TableViewRow you’ll be inserting should be 1dp and change the backgroundColor to the color you need.

Quick Tips:

Our TableViewRows and the other elements in our project are added dynamically.

Here’s how we did it:

You can’t add a TableViewRow in a TableView, so you should first create an Array e.g var rowArray = []; then push the TableViewRow inside the array e.g rowArray.push(newTableViewRowName); and finally set the TableView data to the rowArray YourTableView.setData(rowArray);

Hope this will help you in some way.

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One thought on “TableViewRow left offset no support in Titanium

  1. Lynn says:

    I solved this by putting the ‘left’ of my TableView as -20, and the left of my TableViewRow as 40.

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