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A Beginner’s Guide to Heuristic Evaluation (Part 2)

Here’s part 1 of this blog series in case you haven’t read it yet. I suggest reading it first to get a good look and feel of what a heuristic evaluation is.

A Beginner’s Guide to Heuristic Evaluation (Part 1)

Moving on

I guess by this time you’ve already prepared the materials or even so, the people to do your evaluation. Before we start, I want to be perfectly clear that a heuristic evaluation can be a subjective form of an assessment. Remember, a number 2 score for another person might be a number 1 score for another.  I could not emphasize enough to do a usability test to complement and debunk some of the issues you’ve encountered during your evaluation.

Conducting the Evaluation

There are two ways to conduct the evaluation, an individual evaluation or a group evaluation. I did this evaluation by myself so I have to go with an individual evaluation. Tune in on part 3 of our blog post to learn how to do a group evaluation with your team. Continue reading

How to revert Alloy to previous version

Interested in a hands-on tutorial in Titanium? Building Cross-Platform Apps using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services

One of our development machines was recently upgraded to the latest version of Alloy and Appcelerator’s Titanium SDK which gave us a couple of minor display bugs that we didn’t want to spend time fixing at this particular moment in time.

It’s quite easy to revert as long as you know the previous version that you’d like to revert to.

Just type:

sudo npm install -g alloy@1.2.2

and just replace “1.2.2” with the version you’d like to revert to.  Don’t forget to update the Alloy version in your tiapp.xml as well if you made changes there.  And if you did make changes to your tiapp.xml don’t forget to “clean” your project before you re-build 🙂

(Thanks to the documentation:

UX Links for the week ahead (Week 5) – Foolproof Labs’ Blog

Every week i feature a collection of UX Links to get you inspired for the coming week. Make it your Monday morning routine to get some quality reading done before you get busy.

  1. Create your own mac-based usability testing lab with viewing room:
  2. The 5 Traits of Successful Innovators, according to science:
  3. Flawless product design with a large team:
  4. Why the resurgence of user-centered design matters for marketers:
  5. Tesla’s groundbreaking UX: An interview with User Interface Manager Brennan Boblett:


Reduce memory usage on OSX

After installing mysql using brew, we noticed the memory usage was insanely high for what we needed (just a local development serve).

It was showing in Activity Monitor at almost 500MB memory usage for running just 3 or 4 small databases on one of our developers machines.

Apparently when you install via Homebrew, the configuration defaults to something that would be more appropriate for a production server than a developer’s local machine.

The solution was to just override some of the my.cnf defaults as per Robby’s explanation here:

UX Links for the week ahead (Week 4)

Every week i will feature a few UX links to get you set for the coming week – Apologies for this late post, i’ve been on a rather long holiday over Christmas & New year!

This week:

  1. Lean UX vs. Agile UX – Is there a difference?
  2. The Lean UX Manifesto – Principle-Driven Design:
  3. Designing features using job stories:
  4. Job stories and personas sitting in a tree:
  5. Discover the world’s best mobile UX: