How to annoy a UX designer in 10 easy steps

A light-hearted look at the healthy competition in our office between the “User Experience guys (and girls)” and the “Dev guys (no girls…yet)”…..the “how to annoy a dev guy” post is coming soon 😛

  1. Give them FTP access and ask them to upload their prototype to the server (“FT…what?”).
  2. Tell them their user flow doesn’t make sense but don’t give a reason.
  3. Tell them their “best-practice” feature is impossible to implement.
  4. Tell them the Axure License has expired and they need to use Powerpoint in the meantime.
  5. During the client meeting, while they’re presenting their UX audit, tell them the Account Manager told them to audit the wrong site.
  6. Tell them UX doesn’t extend beyond wireframes and design.
  7. Give them a wireframe without flow and sitemap.
  8. After they submit their wireframes based on user research, say “but that’s not what the client wants”
  9. Tell them that you know for a fact that UX is only one step in the process and once they’re done with the wireframes, they can just go and do something else thank you very much.
  10. Explain the project to them in one sentence and tell them you need wireframes by 6pm.

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3 thoughts on “How to annoy a UX designer in 10 easy steps

  1. Darren Karl A. Sapalo says:

    A very interesting and light read, I’m surprised this was posted so fast. 🙂 I wonder when the UX team can come up with their list of 10 ways to annoy the devs.

    Skimming over your blog, I found the articles to be very useful and insightful. Thanks!

    • Phil Smithson says:

      Thanks for the feedback and don’t worry the UX team is already working on theirs, might be up by tomorrow 🙂

  2. kim says:

    ask them to do hi-def wireframes and scrap it after they’re done >_<

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