[Probably the] Philippines’ First Unlimited Vacation Policy

At Foolproof Labs / UXMNL, we unashamedly put our employees first.  Russ and I having both spent a considerable chunk of our working life at large corporations, we know how we like to be treated as employees and we use this as a basis for company policy.

When we think about changing or implementing a new policy, our first thought is always “If we were employees, would we like this?” and we use that as our guiding compass.  If the answer is “Yes”, we’ll probably try it out at least and see how it works.  If the answer is “No”, we’ll think twice (or thrice) before proceeding.  (Our “Free Lunch Friday” policy where we buy lunch for all of our office staff is a great example of this.)

This is the background upon which our new Vacation Policy was built. Companies usually give employees a set number of Sick Leaves and Vacation Leaves per year but this time we thought we’d try something different.

So as of March 5 2014, Foolproof Labs / UXMNL is proud to announce that we will implement one of the first “Take what you need” vacation policies in the Philippines (applicable to our office-based, non-client-dedicated resources).  We will not formally track employee leaves (vacation or sick) and instead we will focus on what work our employees get done.  Staff are free to take vacation or sick leave whenever they need it.  Our main reason for this is that we care much more about the standard of work people complete than how many hours it took to complete it and would like to align our company policy with this.

We feel that this world of “you must work 40 hours per week or you won’t get paid” is outdated and doesn’t fit with the modern world and is more appropriate to production line workers than knowledge workers.  We feel a “we challenge you to perform highly” culture is much more appropriate and will benefit clients and employees.

“You can’t do that! People will abuse it!”

Yes we can!

Trust is a big part of our daily office lives and we think very carefully before hiring someone at Foolproof Labs / UXMNL to make sure we hire the right people: the honest, hardworking, trustworthy types.  We absolutely and wholeheartedly trust our employees 200%.  We would not have it any other way.

This is the reason we feel ready to do this and sure that it will be a success.

(We’re very interested to see how this is received in the Philippines and what peoples opinions are so leave a comment below!)

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4 thoughts on “[Probably the] Philippines’ First Unlimited Vacation Policy

  1. Cole says:

    This is great. I love my company, but I sometimes get this feeling when I go home early and everyone else is still in the office that they don’t think I’m working enough. There was even an instance when my boss said her boss was worried why members of our team don’t go overtime as often as the other team.

    I personally think it’s the work produced that matters, not the amount of hours spent to do the work.

    Kudos to you guys for taking the [probably] first big step on this in the PH!

  2. ann says:

    This is a big risk for a company to implement. But then again, one of the reason why the staff are unhappy, stressed out, under performing & un stimulated to work is because the weekends and leave days no longer compensate the needed rest. I’m very much interested how this goes for you guys as well as what others think of this.

  3. Graxia says:

    Wow!!! This one is very promising yet very risky. As a programmer, I experience the difficulty in thinking solutions during office hours. Working in your comfort zone often produce better output. However, just like what ann says, it is really a great risk. Anyhow, I wish you all the best for this policy and for your company.

    • Phil Smithson says:

      I think it’s risky in the wrong company. Fortunately, I strongly believe that we’re the right company.

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