Creating your own ios slide to unlock feature on Titanium Appcelerator

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We currently have a project that requires a lock feature without using the actual lock button on the iPhone, since I have to somehow copy the “slide to unlock” of the iOS, I did a research thinking maybe someone have already done that on Titanium then voila! There is one! Thanks to a user named pec1985, here’s the link to the code repo.

Unfortunately he created the code during an earlier version of the Ti SDK, So I decided to do a revision of the code to make it work with 3.X SDK version, it’s not that smooth, but you can always revise it based on your preferences.

Here’s the code:

slide to unlock


Take note that you should change the newLockWindow on the code with the name of your Window.





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3 thoughts on “Creating your own ios slide to unlock feature on Titanium Appcelerator

  1. In Yong Lee says:

    Let’s make our own lock screen soon! 😀

  2. Joseph says:

    I’ve tried the code above, and the one pec1985 added on Gist. Both cases do not move the sliderButton, however I do see the trace outs of moveX values incrementing when I swipe the sliderButton right.

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