FREE Titanium Training Workshop August 9

Interested in a hands-on tutorial in Titanium? Building Cross-Platform Apps using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services

UPDATE: The Saturday Workshop is now full but we plan to hold another workshop in the near future so watch this space.

Foolproof Labs is happy to announce that we will be holding a free workshop for anyone interested in learning about cross-platform mobile native UI application development with Appcelerator’s Titanium.

It is a very hands-on workshop where you will end the day with a working Android and iOS application that pulls data from a blog, displays it in a list and displays the blog post in full when the list item is clicked.

A very simple app but a great intro to Titanium that will cover:

  • Alloy Framework
  • Intro to views and styling elements with TSS
  • Optimising your development workflow with TiShadow
  • UI elements:
    • ListView
    • NavigationWindow
    • Labels
    • WebViews
    • SearchBar
  • Collections/Models with BackboneJS
  • Data Binding + Sync Adapters

That’s a lot to get through in one day! And we won’t just cover the theory, you will be expected to use all of the above to create your own app by the end of the day.

To register your interest, click here

Key info for those attending:

At this point, please take note of the following:
  • Before the training: please setup Titanium, TiShadow and if you want to develop Android: GenyMotion (the default Android emulator is very slow).  
  • It can take a long time to setup (and download!) and you can encounter a lot of problems so please don’t leave it until Friday night or even worse Saturday morning.  Please try to install it as soon as you can.  It’s very likely that you’ll encounter some problems with the setup so we’re having an “open surgery” for Titanium issues in our office next week.  Just bring your laptop (or desktop if you must :P) to our office before Saturday and either me or Rhys will be happy to help you debug the problem.
Other than that, looking forward to meeting you all next week where we’ll have free coffee, free lunch and lots of free Titanium Training 🙂


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