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Interested in a hands-on tutorial in Titanium? Building Cross-Platform Apps using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services

Building by adding “–shadow” to your build process is pretty cool if you’re building for one OS only but if you want to build to iOS and Android at the same time, you’ll need to go a little deeper.

This process requires there be a TiShadow App on your device already which will connect to the TiShadow server running on your machine.

Here we go:

1. Install TiShadow: $ npm install -g tishadow

2. Create a TiShadow Titanium app to be installed on your device [NB: this is totally unrelated to the application you’re building] $ mkdir ~/tishadowapp && tishadow app -d ~/tishadowapp

3. Install this app on your devices/simulators, e.g.:

$ cd tishadowapp 

$ ti build –p android 

$ ti build – ios

OK, now your TiShadow app should be installed on your devices/simulators.

4. Run the TiShadow server: $ tishadow server

5. Open your simulator/device and open the TiShadow App then type in the IP of your local machine. For me, on iOS “localhost” was enough but this wouldn’t work on GenyMotion and I had to type my actual IP which was “”

OK, now your two simulators/devices are connected to your TiShadow server on your machine

6. Now, run either $ tishadow run OR $ tishadow @ run –update The second will watch for updates, the first will only push updates once.

This is the TLDR; version. For a detailed explanation of TiShadow, you can try this:

TiShadow Github URL:

TiShadow project homepage:

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