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Foolproof Labs’ blazes the way with first iBeacon powered event

At the UXMNL event on Saturday (, Foolproof Labs showed off the latest in our technology portfolio with an application that went from “idea” to “uploaded to the Google Play store” in 6 hours flat.

iBeacon is an indoor positioning system developed by Apple that works with both iOS and Android and enables us to send targeted content based on the user’s location and even on the user’s demographic information e.g. you could send different content to males and females, old and young people, students and professionals.

As solution providers, this is a really powerful system and opens up a whole new playground of possibilities for us and for our clients.

You could imagine a trade-show in a large conference center that could send a welcome message to the customer when they walk in the door, another message with a promotional coupon when they get to the first booth and another message when they reach another pre-defined place and so on.

The possibilities are endless, other uses include:

Our application ( was a 3 page app for use on the day that displayed the event schedule by default.  When a user moved near the Registration Booth, they were shown a “Welcome” message and were then shown a “Meet the Team” page with profiles of each team member.  When they moved away from the Registration Booth, the Event Schedule page came back.  Later in the evening at the networking event, when users entered the venue at Chihuahua (I highly recommend their tacos and Frozen Magaritas by the way), they were shown the Chihuahua food menu.

Pretty simple but a great proof of concept and not bad for 6 hours of work from idea to design to finished application.

If you want to have iBeacons in your business, get in touch with us to know more, you can email me directly at

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