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How learning Dota can be applied to learning programming


strategical map

When we play Dota or Dota 2 we always wait for the creeps on either Dire or Radiant side of the map, well let’s relate this on my college life. When I was still in College as an IT Student, when a new technology on development came up and out for use some of my friends tend to say “Professors will teach us about that when we get to the next semester maybe”, with that mentality a lot of students are about to make the biggest mistake of their college years if they are about to pursue their career as a programmer or a developer, if you will be doing that there’s no difference between you and “juan tamad” who just waited for the fruit to fall from the tree rather than climbing the tree and getting the fruit.

juan tamad

Students now a days already have access to fast internet connections depending
on what ISP you subscribed to, so why wait for your professors to teach you a new language
which you can learn at home? When you graduate, probably most of the things that they taught
you in your college days might be obsolete and that will be a pain in the ass because you have to rush your self learning new stuff to find a job as a fresh graduate when that is something you could have done in your college years.

I know some of the players of either Dota 2 or Dota already used the hero named “Axe”, the common
strategy for the users of Axe is that before the start of the game or the release of the creeps, they go on the opponents side near the blind spot and wait for the first release of the opponent’s creeps and kill all of them before they reach center of the map so that axe becomes fatty before his opponents does. Yeah, I know this blog is not about teaching a new Dota strategy on how not to wait for the creeps but this is intended to grab some attention from the college students who prefer to spend their precious time on playing Dota rather than studying stuff that would get them fatty for the clash against the real world.

Be an Axe who doesn’t always wait for the creeps on their comfort zone, there are a lot of communities
on Facebook, Reddit, Stackoverflow etc. that could help you out when you get stuck with some problems while developing or studying new technologies for the development and always remember to “RTFM” (Read The F*cking Manual).