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[Probably the] Philippines’ First Unlimited Vacation Policy

At Foolproof Labs / UXMNL, we unashamedly put our employees first.  Russ and I having both spent a considerable chunk of our working life at large corporations, we know how we like to be treated as employees and we use this as a basis for company policy.

When we think about changing or implementing a new policy, our first thought is always “If we were employees, would we like this?” and we use that as our guiding compass.  If the answer is “Yes”, we’ll probably try it out at least and see how it works.  If the answer is “No”, we’ll think twice (or thrice) before proceeding.  (Our “Free Lunch Friday” policy where we buy lunch for all of our office staff is a great example of this.)

This is the background upon which our new Vacation Policy was built. Companies usually give employees a set number of Sick Leaves and Vacation Leaves per year but this time we thought we’d try something different. Continue reading