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Foolproof Labs – Usability & UX Mentoring for Start-ups (Session 1)

Last saturday our friends at Curiosity invited us to give a workshop on usability to 2 local startups, ivolunteer and Dmap.  It was a pleasure to present and work with such passionate people who are working for 2 very worthy causes.

Ivolunteer aims to gather volunteers from all over the Philippines to help out others who are in need. Volunteers can choose the activities they want to participate in then sign up online.

Dmap is still in beta phase.  The concept is a web app where users can input locations of diagnosed dengue cases with the vision of being able to map outbreaks in areas.  This project really resonates with me as i have a young family, and have recently just recovered from dengue.

Initially the plan was to have a one day event where we would do live usability testing on their sites and then analyse the findings, but after several discussions we decided it would be more productive if we turned the 1 day workshop into a 4 session spanning over a 3 month period.  Here is the schedule we decided on:

  • Session 1 – Usability basics & Live Expert Review
  • Session 2 – Usability test of your products (1)
  • Session 3 – Usability test of your products (2)
  • Session 4 – Usability test of your products (3)

I started off the workshop by discussing basic usability topics so the teams had an appreciation and understand of what its all about, then workshop ended with a live expert review, performed by Christine Balatbat from Movent.

Many thanks to Curiosity for inviting Foolproof Labs to present, and to ivolunteer and dmap for attending. We’re looking forward to the next session where we will be testing the sites in the Foolproof Labs office!

presentation of the schedule for the workshop