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How to apply for a job at Foolproof Labs

If you know us well, you will know that there are, amongst many things, two things high on the list of things we love:

  1. Great UX
  2. No bullshit

We’ve recently been hiring a lot of people which has involved ploughing through blank emails with resumes attached, or sometimes a blank email with  a covering letter and resume attached as well as ploughing through resumes with lots of irrelevant information e.g. Mother’s maiden name, Religion, a copy/paste from the web for the “My goal” section.

This is a fairly slow and painful way for us to go about the process and it seems “ripe for disruption” as they say in the Startup community, which is the same as saying: “There’s a better way to do that.” (We’d love to go through the whole Design Thinking process for this but let’s save that for another day.)

From today onwards, we’d like to experiment with a different way of hiring people, as follows:

  1. To apply for a job at Foolproof Labs and to have a chance of getting an interview, send us an email stating:
    1. Why you’re so amazing that we should hire you
    2. Why you think you’re fit for the job being offered
    3. What amazing things you’ve done/worked on/want to work on/have ideas for etc
    4. What are you passionate about and/or what you want to learn

If you can answer those well, we’ll give you a call 🙂

Look forward to hearing from you!



How to track scroll percentage, scroll depth with Mixpanel Analytics

Want to be able to track when a user has scrolled a certain amount down the page?

Well, thanks to it’s rather easy.

I’ve just made a fork of Jquery-scrolldepth on Github here:

When the user scrolls to 25, 50, 75 and 90% of the way down the page, the following javascript will be called:

mixpanel.track(labelPrefix + label);

where label is either “25%”, “50%”, “75%” or “90%” and labelPrefix is “” (empty string) by default.

How to implement:

1. Make sure jQuery is included on your page
2. Make sure the scroll depth script is in included on your page
3. Make sure the Mixpanel tracking script is in the <head> tag
4. Call this function to initialise the tracking script:

$(function() {

5. That’s it! If you want to pass a label prefix, change the line above to:

 $.scrollDepth({labelPrefix:"myPrefix "});