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UXMNL UX Manila April Workshop with Patti Hunt & Kristin Low

Last Saturday we hosted the first in a series of UX workshops under our UXMNL brand.   UXMNL is a User Experience Design agency, dedicated to creating solutions that make a difference and improve lives.

A large part of our vision for UX in the Philippines falls under education.  Without people, clients and companies being aligned on the benefits and merits of good design, it makes it very difficult for us to do our job and for good design to prosper.  Our mission is to drive the UX industry forward by servicing local companies and hosting these workshops and trainings with UX leaders from around the world.  There’s a lot to look forward to this year.

The UX Manila April workshop featured Hong Kong based Patti Hunt & Kristin Low, who gave an incredible workshop that started with an introduction & brief history of UX.  The introduction lecture was followed by a workshop where attendees were introduced to design studio.  Patti and Kristin introduced a persona and a design problem to be solved.

With over 230 attendees, not only was this was the biggest UX event in the Philippines to date, but it was also the biggest workshop Patti & Kristin have ever done!  Although you would never have known this, their presentation was smooth and concise. Evidently seasoned professionals at work.

A massive thank you to everyone who attended, and to Patti & Kristin for coming here and sharing your knowledge and experience with us!

Stay tuned for the next event!

Check out Patti & Kristin’s HK company and follow them on twitter

The workshop in the press:


How to annoy a UX designer in 10 easy steps

A light-hearted look at the healthy competition in our office between the “User Experience guys (and girls)” and the “Dev guys (no girls…yet)”…..the “how to annoy a dev guy” post is coming soon 😛

  1. Give them FTP access and ask them to upload their prototype to the server (“FT…what?”).
  2. Tell them their user flow doesn’t make sense but don’t give a reason.
  3. Tell them their “best-practice” feature is impossible to implement.
  4. Tell them the Axure License has expired and they need to use Powerpoint in the meantime.
  5. During the client meeting, while they’re presenting their UX audit, tell them the Account Manager told them to audit the wrong site. Continue reading

What is usability testing?

So I guess you’re wondering, what’s this “usability testing” term that people have been juggling around these days? Let’s cut to the chase:

Usability testing is watching people use a product, like a website or mobile application, then analysing their behaviour to identify opportunities for improvement. It is used to:

  1. Find out whether your product is easy to use
  2. Determine  issues/problems that you can fix
  3. Find out if the product meets users’ needs

This is what makes usability testing unique, the act of watching your users interact with your product is what sets it apart from other forms of research such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, heuristic evaluations and even expert reviews. Don’t get me wrong, all of these research methods are useful but what happens if what your user is saying turns out out to be false? Continue reading

UX Links for the week ahead (Week 8)

Every week i feature a collection of UX Links to get you inspired for the coming week. Make it a weekly routine to get some quality reading done before you get busy.

  1. The Psychology of Gamification: Can Apps Keep You Motivated?
  2. The secret of successful redesigns: what Ted got right and what Twitter got wrong
  3. UX the Bruce Lee Way
  4. UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship
  5. The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: Data and Design in Innovative Citizen Experience


Post a comment below with any links you’ve been inspired by!

UX Links 678x492 w8

UX Links for the week ahead (Week 7)

Every week i feature a collection of UX Links to get you inspired for the coming week. Make it a weekly routine to get some quality reading done before you get busy.

  1. There is no UX, there is only UX
  2. How to design experiences the adaptive path way! (Or not.)
  3. How to explain complex ideas (like tech) to those who don’t understand
  4. Move over product design, UX is the future
  5. Scaling your UX strategy


UX Links Foolproof labs blog 678x492

Heuristic Evaluation of BPI, Metrobank and PNB


In our digital age today, we seldom look for brochures and instead use the world wide web as our instant library.  I’m pretty sure most of you working gals and boys out there have a bank account or an ATM card in your wallet which is why we’ve chosen banks for our first website review. 

In this blog post we will be evaluating BPI, Metrobank and PNB in the hopes of answering these questions.  How well do these websites perform? Are they up to par with our rapidly evolving digital country? What are the website’s strengths and weaknesses?

For this review, we’ve used Individual Heuristic Evaluation as our methodology. A detailed how to and step by step guide can be seen here!

Read on and see which of the three websites performs the best!   Continue reading

UX Links for the week ahead (Week 6)

Every week i feature a collection of UX Links to get you inspired for the coming week. Make it a weekly routine to get some quality reading done before you get busy.

  1. Notifications are a UX Anti-Pattern
  2. Three Steps for Improving Mobile UX
  3. A Sign-up is Not a Customer – 4 Ways to Rethink conversion
  4. 5 Essential Analytics Reports for UX Strategists
  5. Roadblocks to Eipc Customer Experiences : Marketers


A Beginner’s Guide to Heuristic Evaluation (Part 2)

Here’s part 1 of this blog series in case you haven’t read it yet. I suggest reading it first to get a good look and feel of what a heuristic evaluation is.

A Beginner’s Guide to Heuristic Evaluation (Part 1)

Moving on

I guess by this time you’ve already prepared the materials or even so, the people to do your evaluation. Before we start, I want to be perfectly clear that a heuristic evaluation can be a subjective form of an assessment. Remember, a number 2 score for another person might be a number 1 score for another.  I could not emphasize enough to do a usability test to complement and debunk some of the issues you’ve encountered during your evaluation.

Conducting the Evaluation

There are two ways to conduct the evaluation, an individual evaluation or a group evaluation. I did this evaluation by myself so I have to go with an individual evaluation. Tune in on part 3 of our blog post to learn how to do a group evaluation with your team. Continue reading

UX Links for the week ahead (Week 5) – Foolproof Labs’ Blog

Every week i feature a collection of UX Links to get you inspired for the coming week. Make it your Monday morning routine to get some quality reading done before you get busy.

  1. Create your own mac-based usability testing lab with viewing room:
  2. The 5 Traits of Successful Innovators, according to science:
  3. Flawless product design with a large team:
  4. Why the resurgence of user-centered design matters for marketers:
  5. Tesla’s groundbreaking UX: An interview with User Interface Manager Brennan Boblett:


UX Links for the week ahead (Week 4)

Every week i will feature a few UX links to get you set for the coming week – Apologies for this late post, i’ve been on a rather long holiday over Christmas & New year!

This week:

  1. Lean UX vs. Agile UX – Is there a difference?
  2. The Lean UX Manifesto – Principle-Driven Design:
  3. Designing features using job stories:
  4. Job stories and personas sitting in a tree:
  5. Discover the world’s best mobile UX: